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Our place in the world is a taonga. Here at The Lodges at Transport World, we’re deeply committed to embedding practices that ensure we’re caring for our people and our place. We take sustainability seriously. We support initiatives such as the Tiaki Promise that enshrine these principles into our day-to-day operations. 

How do we do that? Our guests will notice sustainability efforts in a number of ways. Take the toiletries we provide in each of our boutique apartments. We use amenities that are part of the Beyond Skin Deep initiative. This initiative aims to achieve zero bathroom amenity waste. Not only does the initiative recycle plastic bottles, transforming them into fenceposts used by New Zealand’s agricultural industry. Bathroom soap waste is recycled into hygienic new bars, which are distributed to vulnerable communities: improving sanitation, saving lives, and making a meaningful difference to the whole community.

But thoughtful touches in our kitchens are just as earth-conscious. 

We use Hummingbird plunger coffee: and we love their commitment to fair trade and use of organic beans. Hummingbird supports the people who support them, because they believe we should all rise together. 

While we continually strive to make improvements that will ensure the footprint, we leave behind is as light as possible, we always welcome guest feedback to assist us.

If you identify other potential sustainability opportunities during your stay at The Lodges at Transport World, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

HW Richardson Group (HWR) is working towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is a significant body of work to transform our business, but one we are committed to and recognise the urgent change that is needed within the transport industry to reach this goal.

As a large company we have an immense responsibility in leading by example when it comes to corporate sustainability. Not only for our natural environment but for our people, our customers and our communities. Given we rely on diesel and petroleum products to operate our heavy plant and equipment across our brands, one of our key opportunities is to reduce our carbon emissions through reduced fuel consumption. Reducing carbon emissions helps us play our part in mitigating the onset of climate change, along with contributing to a healthier environment for tomorrow so our future generations can thrive. We have committed to reducing our fuel consumption by eight percent by 2027. 

Armed and inspired by this responsibility, we have spent much of the past 12 months exploring and implementing the groundwork for what will become a hydrogen-powered heavy transport industry. HWR Hydrogen is a project to implement clean, future fuels into our businesses to secure the transport industry’s future. Read the 2023 – 2024 Sustainability Report here.